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Travel Phobia and Fear of Driving

Travel phobia is a particular form of anxiety that may occur after a person has been involved in some kind of accident, maybe a road or rail crash. They may have escaped physically unscathed from the incident, however they might well have perceived it as a potential threat to their well being, physical health or indeed life. Anyone suffering from travel phobia is likely to avoid travelling as much as is possible. If forced to travel by car, they are likely to prefer to be in control […]

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Driving You Crazy – Driving Phobia and Its Treatment

It’s a surprise to most people, including those that suffer from it, that driving phobia is one of the most common phobias. This is because it’s a hidden phobia: sufferers are embarrassed by it so they go to great lengths to accommodate and conceal their fear. And they think they are alone. But they are not. Their condition is well understood by phobia specialists and their symptoms, avoidance patterns and responses are very similar to those of other silent sufferers. What Is Driving Phobia? Driving phobia is […]

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Drive Without Fear

It’s surprising just how many people are too afraid to drive or simply dread the thought of getting behind the wheel for fear they might have a panic attack. Having a driving phobia is not only a strain mentally but also an inconvenience as it prevents you from travelling and ultimately doing many things because of your fear of driving. Many might simply say that being afraid to drive is not life changing or that it even prevents that from doing certain things. They might opt out […]

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