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How to Overcome Your Driving Fear

Fear of driving is not uncommon but it can lead to anxiety, embarrassment and be a huge inconvenience, especially when you need to get from A to B. Thankfully there is now a Driving Fear Program you can enrol on that will help you with your driving drawback and get you comfortably behind the wheel. Those who fear driving or experience anxiety as soon as they turn the key such panic disorders can now overcome all this with the driving fear program which is an effective and […]

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Understanding the Biology of Fear

The emotion known as fear, evolutionary biology claims, is an integral part of a person’s survival instinct. Observing animals can easily confirm this statement. Terror at the prospect of being killed and eaten is the driving force behind the gazelle’s rapid dash across the African savanna. Terror of being pushed out of her fertile hunting grounds pushes the lioness to bite and tear into the flesh of the aforementioned gazelle. Fear is just as omnipresent among humans as it is among animals, and in the past, it […]

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