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Travel Phobia and Fear of Driving

Travel phobia is a particular form of anxiety that may occur after a person has been involved in some kind of accident, maybe a road or rail crash. They may have escaped physically unscathed from the incident, however they might well have perceived it as a potential threat to their well being, physical health or indeed life. Anyone suffering from travel phobia is likely to avoid travelling as much as is possible. If forced to travel by car, they are likely to prefer to be in control […]

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Remove Your Driving Test Related Anxiety

As youngsters, you might have dreamed of owning a car and driving away into the sunset. As soon as you are old enough, you will naturally take a licensing exam and pass it before you are allowed on the streets. Some people will pass the practical and written exam with flying colors while others will have a difficult time doing so because of anxiety and fear of failing the exam and not being allowed to drive. Being worried or anxious is actually normal since driving should be […]

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How to Overcome Your Driving Fear

Fear of driving is not uncommon but it can lead to anxiety, embarrassment and be a huge inconvenience, especially when you need to get from A to B. Thankfully there is now a Driving Fear Program you can enrol on that will help you with your driving drawback and get you comfortably behind the wheel. Those who fear driving or experience anxiety as soon as they turn the key such panic disorders can now overcome all this with the driving fear program which is an effective and […]

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