Driving Without Fear

Overcoming Your Phobia

Drive Without Fear

It’s surprising just how many people are too afraid to drive or simply dread the thought of getting behind […]

Overcome Your Fear of Driving

Drivine Anxiety No More

Fear of Driving Tests

Fear of driving tests is a normal thing that affects different people in different ways. Anybody who has come through young life has had to deal with the stresses of learning to drive. It is one of those rights of passage that each person must go through in order to have a successful life. Some folks just can’t get past their fear of driving tests, though. This is a mental problem that deals with issues of self confidence within a person’s subconscious. If you don’t do something […]

Fear of Driving and Automatic Negative Thoughts

The fear of driving is often complicated, if not caused by, the individuals’ automatic negative thoughts. These thoughts can be scary and irrational, such as the concern that they will veer into oncoming traffic or drive off a bridge, or they may be centered on the person’s physical feelings of anxiety such as a rapid heartbeat or dizziness. These thoughts are often described as the most bothersome symptom of driving anxiety and they can be the actual triggers for panic attacks while driving. Controlling these thoughts is […]

Driving Test Nerves

Driving tests can be things that cause problems for many people. Even folks who happen to be good drivers can get nervous over a driving test. Because one little mistake can cost a person the chance to get a driver’s license, there is significant pressure to perform well on driving tests. The fear of driving tests, like many other phobias, is strictly driven by mental stimulants. People fear driving tests because they have doubts about their ability to perform successfully. In addition, lots of people have a […]

Understanding the Biology of Fear

The emotion known as fear, evolutionary biology claims, is an integral part of a person’s survival instinct. Observing animals can easily confirm this statement. Terror at the prospect of being killed and eaten is the driving force behind the gazelle’s rapid dash across the African savanna. Terror of being pushed out of her fertile hunting grounds pushes the lioness to bite and tear into the flesh of the aforementioned gazelle. Fear is just as omnipresent among humans as it is among animals, and in the past, it […]